Apple will no longer offer service for iPhone 5C in India

no repairs and service for iphone 5c

Apple often divides its defunct goods into two groups: “vintage” and “obsolete.” After designating the iPhone 6 as “vintage” not too long ago, Apple has decided to add another another iPhone to their catalogue of “obsolete” devices. MacRumors has received an inside Apple document stating that the iPhone 5C would be discontinued next month.

The story claims that a note informing authorised service providers of the impending obsolescence of the iPhone 5C and iPad mini 3 has already been sent out. For the uninitiated, Apple designated the iPhone 5C as “vintage” in October 2020, meaning that support for the device, including access to spare parts, would be severely restricted going forward. The corporation said in an internal letter that all maintenance and support would end once the product was deemed outdated. The iPad mini 3, meanwhile, falls into this category.

While the iPhone 5S was released in 2013, Apple also debuted the iPhone 5C, a cheap iPhone with a plastic back and a wide variety of bright and bold colour combinations. Different colours of the smartphone were introduced during its release. The iPhone 5C was Apple’s first iPhone to target a lower-income audience and was released before the iPhone SE.

However, Apple considers a product vintage anywhere from five to seven years after it has been discontinued. After seven years of being off the market, a product is considered outdated and no longer receives any kind of business support, including repairs from independent contractors.

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