Continental Instant Coffee – Strong, 1 Kg Pouch Price

If you have had a tiring day at work or if you are feeling low and lethargic, add the strong zest of Continental Strong Instant Coffee to get you back up on your feet and your engines running again. Blended with 53% coffee and 47% chicory, Continental’s Strong Instant Coffee has the strong taste and power to chase your lethargy away in a jiffy and put you back in the driver’s seat. Whether it is pulling an all-nighter for those never-ending projects or making lengthy presentations, one cuppa of this unique blend is sure to make you crave for more.

Established in 1995, CCL is Indias largest coffee manufacturer as well as a major global exporter. CCL has become one of the worlds most favoured coffee suppliers, providing over 200 different coffee blends to renowned brands in 90+ countries. CCL now introduces the same taste, richness and aroma with the finest instant coffee in India under the Continental brand.

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