Sleepy Owl Cold Brew Coffee – Classic, 2×200 ml Multipack Price

Sleepy Owl Classic is a cold-brewed iced coffee made from the highest quality 100% Grade A coffee sourced straight from Chikmagalur. Made with just 8 grams of sugar and a little milk, Sleepy Owl Classic is the perfect functional beverage for all lovers of coffee. The bottles contain 200ml of iced coffee and are made with love at our production facility in Ghaziabad. Each bottle has a shelf life of 120 days, which is achieved without any preservatives due to a special production process we use. 
The bottles are capped with easy to pull pop off caps and have an ambient shelf life meaning they can be stored in cold or warm temperature. These ready-to-drink bottles are India’s first and only bottled iced coffee drink that contains nothing except coffee, milk, and sugar. No preservatives, no stabilisers, no emulsifiers, and no chemicals. 
Our mission at Sleepy Owl Coffee is to make high-quality cold brew coffee products that you can consume with ease and convenience at home, at work or on the go without having to compromise on taste or health. The same formula applies to the bottles – just chill them, shake them, pop them open, and gulp them down!

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