Sunbean Beaten Caffe – Strong, Instant Coffee Paste, Creamy & Frothy, 125 g Jar Price

ITC Sunbean Beaten Caffe – strong is a variant of Sunbean Beaten Caffe specifically for those who would prefer their coffee strong. It is a ready-to-use instant coffee paste, made of coffee powder and sugar, that makes your favourite cup of rich, creamy and frothy beaten coffee in an instant. From being the saviour during late night studies to being the catalyst of afternoon sessions with extended family – a perfectly whipped cup of beaten coffee has always held a special place in the heart of a coffee lover.

Experience a smooth coffee paste that dissolves in hot milk, giving you that familiar beaten coffee taste, just the way you love it. Make your favourite hot beaten coffee, homemade cappuccino, latte, cold coffee or dalgona coffee, effortlessly with Sunbean Beaten Caffe. Witness the sight of a creamy delight frothing up in your coffee mug. Relish a sip and celebrate the familiar taste and feeling you know so well – anytime, every time.

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