4700BC Microwave Popcorn with Heineken Beer Combo Price

Looking for a popcorn and beer combo? We present to you 4700BC microwave popcorn with Heineken beer combo for your party. Popcorn bags that can be heated in the microwave, which is convenient for creating piping hot and freshly popped popcorn at home or on the move. A delicious and healthy option for your daily intake of light snacks. In this microwave bag, we have utilised maize and other components of the highest possible quality. A wonderful option for everyone in your family who is concerned about their health. Enjoy the decadently rich flavour of butter in each and every pop you consume.

Heineken 0.0 is an alcohol-free beer that has the crisp and fruity flavours that come from Heineken’s signature yeast. These flavours, together with the beer’s smooth and malty body, combine to create a lager beer with a wonderful taste that contains 0% alcohol. The master brewers began with nothing and spent years experimenting, brewing, and tasting until they ultimately developed a formula that is distinguished by its energising fruity flavours and its smooth malty body that is well balanced. One that is worthy of being marked with the Heineken logo. Off-kilter with the rigorous Heineken qualities ever since it was founded in 1873.


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