Coolberg Strawberry Non Alcoholic Beer Price

The Coolberg Strawberry Beer is a Beer that Does Not Contain Any Alcohol. This NAB has a strong smoky fragrance with an undertone that is reminiscent of crisp citrus. It is crafted using only the highest-quality extracts of real strawberries. It features a significant amount of carbonation as well as a spunkiness. Because it has a lower carbonation level and often produces a head similar to that of beer when it is poured into a glass. It is the perfect combination of tangy and sugary overtones. You may have it in the evening with any food you choose, or you can offer it during a party.

Our six flavours are an indulgence for every palate, and they are packaged in eye-catching packaging that draws in the viewer’s attention. The bottles are a sturdy 330 millilitres in size. We take great satisfaction in the fact that our goods are exactly what our customers want: they have the ideal level of sweetness, are expertly brewed in a natural foundation consisting of hops and barley, and have a fizz that is just the correct amount to delightfully tickle your taste buds.

In spite of the fact that our goods do not contain any alcohol, the flavour of our Malt variety is so convincing that it could easily be mistaken for the genuine thing in a blind tasting test. Cranberry, ginger, strawberry, peach, and mint are the names of our five more hand-crafted tastes, which are designed to satisfy a variety of palates.


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