Cornitos Nacho Crisps Tikka Masala 60g + Kingfisher Radler Lemon NonAlcoholic Drink 300ml, Combo 2 Items Price

Nacho Crisps – Tikka Masala 60gm Cornitos Tikka Masala Nacho Crisps are prepared from corn and are cooked in healthier oil, which kills your hunger with no making you fat. It has zero Trans fat and cholesterol making it a healthier snack for you which you can munch any time of the day you similar. Nacho crisp can also be served as a dish with cream, cheese and extra toppings as a full meal.


Kingfisher Radler is a refreshing, carbonated non-alcoholic drink but the word Radler has its origin in Germany. Originally Radlers are alcoholic but with preferences shifting and new lifestyle need of adult consumers, it took a path of low to no alcohol recipe.

Kingfisher Radler has been crafted with utmost care keeping in mind a balance of Indian taste palette and their lifestyle needs. Natural ingredients like refreshing lemon juice and the natural lemon flavour are at the heart of all three variants currently launched under Kingfisher Radler. Along with that reduced percentage of natural sugar and high quality of brewed malt gives the final form to the product.

Total calorie consumed will be 96 Kcal for a 300 ml can, which is 30% less than any popular carbonated soft drinks currently in the Indian market due to 30% less sugar content, keeping in mind the health-conscious young adults. This product is a 100% natural blend of fresh mint, a dash of lemon and a unique flavour of barley malts.

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