Sprite Soft Drink – Refreshing, 750 ml Pet Bottle Price

Refreshing people since 1999, Sprite is known for its straightforward attitude. The brand strongly believes in removing all the unnecessary Bakwaas from your life so that you can chill for real. Days full of work pressure, frustration and scoffing can make life stressful. Release all the stress with Sprite soft drink and restart with a clear head. A chilled Sprite is all it takes to reset, refresh and break the monotony of everyday life. Be it summers or winters, the crisp, cool and refreshing taste of Sprite cold drink will quench your thirst, leaving you feeling refreshed. There are just three simple steps to clear your head- Grab your Sprite, open your Sprite, drink your Sprite!

Storage Instructions: 
Store in a cool & dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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