B Natural Shahi Litchi Juice With Aloe Vera Chunks, 750 ml Bottle Price

Presenting, B Natural Shahi Litchi that offers an authentic Shahi litchi experience because it is made with Shahi litchi pulp sourced from Bihar, this beverage also has the goodness of rich aloe vera chunks, giving you a nourishing experience. And What’s More? This beverage offers the best of both fruit and fibre. Made from 100% Indian fruit and 0% concentrate. Available in a convenient and trendy PET bottle. The entire range of B Natural is crafted from Indian Fruits and Not from Concentrate. The process of developing B Natural does not use the additional step of concentration, which involves heating of juice/pulp to remove water content, which may lead to loss of fruit nutrients in the form of antioxidants, like Vitamin C.

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