Kissan Juicy Mango Squash, 2×750 ml Multipack Price

We make Kissan Juicy Mango squash with juicy and naturally ripened mangoes that are handpicked from the renowned farms of South India. With Kissan Juicy Mango squash you can enjoy a delightfully refreshing mango drink when you feel tired easily because all it takes is to pour, mix and drink! It is also a great refreshing drink that tastes just like mango juice which can be had on a hot summer day. You can quickly make about 5 litres or 25 glasses from one pack of Kissan Juicy Mango squash according to the per serving suggestion of 210 ml (180 ml of water and 30 ml of Kissan Juicy Mango Squash). Easily make your refreshing juicy mango drink by mixing one part of Kissan Juicy Mango squash with six parts of chilled water or soda or 2 capfuls or tablespoonful (30 ml) of Kissan Juicy Mango squash with one glass(180ml) of water or even chilled soda. Use Kissan Juicy Mango squash to make a refreshing iced tea or mocktails. Enjoy the taste of Mango juice in every sip! Kissan Juicy squash also comes in delightful Juicy Orange, Juicy Grape and Juicy Lemon flavours. Started in 1934, Kissan is a popular brand in India and a maker of jams, ketchup and sauces and peanut butter.

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