Paper Boat Coconut Water – Refreshing Flavour, Vital Electrolytes, 6×200 ml Multipack Price

The sweet taste of nature’s coolest hydrant is reminiscent of many evenings at the beach. We’d have just enough money for one treat. After a sweaty evening filled with activities like running and playing ball, the whole bunch of cousins, elder ones being in charge of course, would invariably end up at their favourite nariyal pani wala who would help us pick the sweetest coconuts (it’s still a mystery to me how they can always tell those ones apart). To think that all these years later, we still pick a nariyal pani to cool down on a hot summer day, that says a lot about our allegiance to this natural coolant. Sadly there’s not as much playtime anymore but as long as there’s coconut water, all we got to do is shut our eyes and be transported, giggles, laughter and all.

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