Paper Boat Drink – Aamras Pouch+Jaljeera Pouch+Drinks & Memories, Aam Panna Carton (250ml), Combo 3 Items Price

During summer, there is barely a home in western India, be it Gujarat or Rajasthan, that doesn’t partake in the festivity that is Aamras. Sometimes, they have it with milk, sometimes rotis and if time and patience allow, they even make sweets out of it. But the best way to go about Aamras is to have it directly as it is. The way the ancients intended. Without preservatives or artificial flavour, without frills or hassles; it is an honest treat for an honest day’s work. Soothing, serenading and more importantly, lingering to remind you that the mango is indeed the true king of the fruit realm. And that we cannot help but submit to its tasty tyranny.
Jaljeera is probably the most refreshing drink on a sultry summer day. This amazing appetizer which was normally served on weddings has now been repacked and reinvented in the form of a classic drink by Paper Boat. Filled with the zesty spirit of Indian spices, the utterly delicious preservative-free natural Jaljeera from Paper Boat is a welcome relief on a sweaty day. With its replenishing and electrolytic propertie, Paper Boat Jaljeera works as a magic potion and prevents heat stroke.
The pre-vacation between your actual summer vacation and the last day of the final exams. The buffer time it took for your teachers to grade you, to graduate you into another class. That was the window of The Kairi. There was something poetic about raw, unfledged mangoes enticing our fully formed taste buds. Like it was another fruit altogether. Mixed with spices, mint and served cold, it is almost inversely to the soaring temperatures outside. You gushed it down in a single gulp. But the moment lingered forever. Aam Panna will remind you of those days whenever you sip it.

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