Paper Boat Drink – Anar 200 ml + Juice – Santra 200 ml + Juice – Lychee Ras 200 ml, Combo 3 Items Price

The beloved pomegranate. Loved by all. Misspelt by many. A powerhouse of nutrients, Paper Boat pomegranate drink is like no other. Paper Boat Anar is a delicious ode to that undying fascination for this crowned prince of fruits, without preservatives or added colours. Full of antioxidants and Vitamin C, here’s an indulgence your mother (and your conscience) would totally approve of.
Paper Boat Orange Juice is made from real Nagpur Orange to provide you with the refreshing taste that is the real thirst quencher in this hot summer.
Get the real thrill of lychee with this amazing Lychee Drink from Paper Boat. If you are a lychee lover, then this drink is the best tasting lychee drink you have ever had.

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