Pediasure Health Drink Cookies & Cream 400g + Nutritional Powder Premium Chocolate 400g, Combo 2 Items Price

PediaSure is a complete and balanced nutrition supplement for children of the age group, 2 years and above. It has a perfect blend of 37 vital nutrients and is scientifically designed for fussy eaters, to take care of any nutritional deficiencies and to help support their overall growth and development. PediaSure enjoys the trust of mothers and doctors in more than 80 countries around the world. Pediasure contains growth nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, calcium, vitamin D, B complex vitamins and milk protein to help support height and weight gain, immunity, and brain development. Pediasure is the number 1 paediatrician prescribed brand, scientifically shown to support healthy growth and development. It contains immune nutrients like vitamin C, E, zinc, selenium, copper to help support immunity.

Pediasure Premium Chocolate Is A Most Important Moms Care Product And A Complete And Balanced Nutrition Diet For Your Small Choosy Eater. It Is A Strong Blend Of Prebiotics And Probiotics That Make Stronger Your Child’S Immunity. It Is A Systematically Planned Formula With 37 Vital Nutrients, Which Gives Complete And Balanced Nutrition For Children 2 Years And Above.

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