Qualinut Gourmet Healthy Sattu Protein Mix – Fibre Rich, 100 g Price

Healthy Sattu Protein Mix: The Good-Old Recipe of Nutrition Made from Black Chana (Sattu), Ginger Powder, Black Salt, Cumin Powder, and Ajwain, the perfect recipe for good health is here packed in a bottle! A vintage gift loaded with protein and natural healthy elements. This grandma-inspired fusion superfood is a perfect addition to your daily lifestyle. Apart from being a healthy food, it also chiefly helps in curing digestive problems and curbing increased body weight. A premium product by Qualinut!

Health Benefits

• Natural Source of Protein (25 g of Protein per 100 g of this healthy mix)

• Fiber-Rich

• Excellent for women during menstruation

• Contains Magnesium and Calcium that are excellent for Bone health

• Low Glycemic Index

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