Qualinut Gourmet Natural Vita Mix – Immunity Boosting, Source Of Natural Energy, 90 g Bottle Price

Immunity-Boosting Natural Vita-Mix: Good Morning with Good Health! Blended to perfection with the mixture of Wheat Grass Powder, Moringa Leaves Powder, Spirulina Powder, Black Salt, Fennel Powder and other essential herbs, Natural Super Powder Vita-Mix is your daily energy vitalizer. From health buffs to conscious diet aficionados, this mix is made for all. Bringing it from Grandmother’s cookbook trove, it helps in boosting immunity and keeps you active throughout the day. Associative benefits like controlling blood sugar, regulating insulin levels, and maintaining blood pressure, Qualinut’s Vita-Mix is a promise of good health every day!

• Controls Blood Sugar Levels

• Helps in maintaining Blood Pressure.

• Eliminates Toxins

• Boost your Metabolism

• Great source of Natural Energy

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