bb Combo BB Royal Organic Wild Honey, 500g+IndiSecrets Pure Tulsi Chamomile, 36g, Combo 2 Items Price

BB Royal Organic Wild Honey:

The BB Royal Organic Wild Honey is not only tasty but is also healthy. Certified organic and containing no added flavour, colour or substances, enjoy the natural flavours of honey with a warm cup of lemon water in the morning. Naturally sourced bee honey is best known for its antioxidant properties that help fire up the immune system and fight against heart diseases. Explore BB Royal’s full range of food products, from dry fruits to pulses and breakfast cereals.


100% certified organic

No added colour

No artificial flavour

No synthetic substances

Rich in antioxidants

IndiSecrets Tulsi Chamomile:ξ

Indisecrets Tulsi tea infusion range is made with 100% organic ingredients. Tulsi infusion is made with 4 different variants of tulsi, which have various health benefits. The Queen of Herbs (Tulsi) helps reduces stress and anxiety, improves immunity. Indisecrets Tulsi based infusions are perfect and match your tea cravings

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