Gaia Green Tea – Chamomile, 50 g (25 Bags x 2 g each) Price

Gaia Camomile Infusion is exclusive as it is prepared with wholesome chamomile flowers and is caffeine-free. It has a sugary exciting aroma along with a glow and plain flavour. So sit rear and immerse in the stimulating flavour of this lively mixture and feel tranquil than ever before. Comfort your mind, body and soul with Gaias latest addition to their popular line of teas, Gaia Chamomile Infusion. Revered by Egyptians and Greeks for its healing properties, chamomile tea has been consumed in many parts of the world for ages. It is known to aid in sleep problems, menstrual cramps, muscle twitches, sore stomach, colds, and anxiety and stress. Gaia Chamomile Infusion is unique as it is made with pure chamomile flowers and is naturally caffeine-free. It has a sweet intoxicating aroma along with a light and earthy flavour. So sit back and soak in the refreshing taste of this vibrant infusion and feel relaxed than ever before.

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