Lipton After Lunch With Green Tea, Ginger, Tulsi, Rock Salt, 1.4 g (50 Bags x 1.4 g Each) Price

Introducing Lipton After Lunch Green Tea, a soothing blend of green tea with real, power-packed ingredients—ginger, tulsi and rock salt. All of these are traditionally known to improve metabolism and aid in digestion, helping you feel light after meals. This balanced blend is an ideal post-meal companion. Overindulged and need to fight post-meal sluggishness? Pour yourself a cup of Lipton After Lunch Green Tea. Green Tea is known for several benefits. Green tea is produced when freshly plucked leaves are heated, rolled/cut and then dried. The catechins in the fresh leaves are preserved during the green tea process, making green tea rich in catechins. Also, green tea is typically drunk without milk and sugar and hence gives zero calories as compared to the ordinary chai made with milk and sugar.

Brewed, unsweetened Green Tea being 99% water is a great way to meet your daily required fluid intake. Green tea is also a great source of flavonoids. Consumption of flavonoid-rich foods fits into a heart-healthy diet Lipton After lunch offers you all these Green Tea benefits mixed along with the goodness of ginger, tulsi and rock salt. These ingredients are traditionally known for their beneficial properties & soothing effects. Best had 1-hour post meals.

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