Lipton Green Tea – Honey Lemon, 100 g Price

Lipton Green Tea is not just a regular cup of chai, we believe it’s therapy for your body. Wake up to a morning cup of hot Lipton Green Tea and feel the difference that it makes to your body. Awaken your senses one sip at a time with Liptons Green Tea Bags in Honey Lemon Flavor. Green tea is produced when freshly plucked leaves are heated, rolled/cut and then dried. The Catechins in the fresh leaves are preserved during the green tea process, making green tea rich in Phenols and Antioxidants and your ideal go-to choice. Lipton is the world’s number 1 tea brand*. In India, Lipton is about connected wellbeing that encourages you to grab every fitness opportunity. Lipton carefully selects the best quality tea from the rain forest alliance and trustea** certified tea gardens and offers a range of teas, from packet tea to tea bags which includes Lipton Green tea and Darjeeling tea.

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