Tata Tea Care Pro Woman Herbal Infusion Green Tea – With Shatavari, Aloe Vera & Rosemary, 35 g (25 Bags x 1.4 g Each) Price

During these uncertain times, why not add green tea based herbal infusions, made with the natural ingredients to your day? For health-conscious people, a warm aromatic brew of herbs may help chase away all kinds of blues. Introducing the all-new range of herbal infusions by Tata Tea Care. Our new range of wellness-focused teas is made with the finest quality green tea, blended with carefully sourced ingredients of the best grade. Tata Tea Care Pro Woman is made from natural ingredients such as shatavari, aloe vera and rosemary. Aloe Vera & Shatavari, both are known to be good for female wellbeing and have wonderful rejuvenating properties. Rosemary adds a pleasant essence. Pro Woman herbal infusion makes a cup of tea for your wellbeing. It has green tea which is regarded as a refreshing beverage due to its high concentration of antioxidants. With the goodness of herbs, you can now look after your and family’s wellbeing and happiness. Also, explore Tata Tea Care Cleanse to detox & feel pure from within, Tata Tea Care Rejuvenate for soothing nerves & inviting calm, Tata Tea Care Tulsi for the benefits of tulsi, and Tata Tea Care Digest to feel light and live free.

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