Teabox Mint Green Tea – Whole Leaf & Natural Flavours Blend, Refreshing, Antioxidants Rich, 54 g (25+2 Free Pyramid Bags x 2 g each) Price

Tea plays an important part in our lives as a daily beverage of choice. With growing awareness, the appreciation for green tea has increased as a convenient health supplement. Our green tea is made with all-natural ingredients and all whole leaves that come in pyramid tea bags maximize the space inside the cup. The pyramid shape allows the ingredients to unfurl and expand. This, in turn, allows all the flavours to be completely released into your cup. This increases efficiency by enabling the whole leaf to be utilised instead of only the tea particles and the fanning. Mint Green tea is a good immunity booster and relieves bloating, cramps, and stomach discomforts. This tea contains a fresh dash of peppermint along with the trademark earthy notes of green tea that leaves you feeling fresh while its rich antioxidants aid in weight management. Now, enjoy green teas like never before with high-grade whole leaves that have 5 times more antioxidants than black teas.

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