Teamonk Nilgiri Green Tea – Taido Ginger, May Help With Weight Management, 2 g (50 Bags x 2 g Each) Price

Taido Ginger Green Tea is an interesting blend of health and taste. De facto, with high antioxidants content, regular intake of green tea is good for health. It takes another interesting twist when it is clubbed with the enriching flavour of ginger. Being a popular spice, ginger is also famous for its medicinal properties and therapeutic qualities. An absolute delight, this tea is lovingly picked and delicately blended with the right amount of ginger to create the gentle balance of taste and aroma, synonymous with its name, Taido, which means gentle. When you need to revitalize your senses, a cup of Taido Ginger Green Tea is on your must-have list. Naturally, this tea is a wonderful pick-me-up when you desire to add some spice to the refreshing flavour of the green tea. This will have enhanced benefits of both green tea and ginger. This combination is sure to become the preferred drink for your palate.

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