Teamonk Nilgiris Green Tea – Koen Organic Rose, Provides Glowing Skin & Boosts Immunity, 2 g (25 Bags x 2 g Each) Price

Imagine an infinite bouquet and let its vastness envelop you in its entirety. This is what a cup of Koen Rose Green Tea feels like. The ethereal aroma of pure roses, combined with the subtlety of green tea from Nilgiris transports you to an infinite feel, both floral, and exquisite, just like its name Koen, meaning ‘infinity’ in Zen terms. Not every day do you pensively get transported to a world where you can be surrounded by the beauty of roses, while you sip a cup of your favourite beverage. Our Koen Rose Green Teabag does just that, while you sit in the luxury of your home. The finest green tea from Nilgiris is mixed with rose petals by master tea workers who treat the tea with as much care and gentleness as possible.

Unless it’s you who wants to own it. We’re no aggregators. And the fine teas that we curate and craft from the exclusive tea gardens are ours alone. And that means the cup of Teamonk tea you’re drinking cannot be sourced from anyone else. Our curation process is tiresome (for the tea gardens), but the intense iterative process ensures that you will have the perfect tea experience complete with perfect colour, flavour and aroma.

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