VAHDAM Ginger Mint Herbal Green Tea – Cleans The System, Improves Digestion, 2 g (50 Bags x 2 g Each) Price

High-quality garden tea: A delicious soothing blend of premium-quality, Himalayan Green Tea with the calming and healing attributes of Ginger and the sprightly freshness of Mint that will nourish your body and enliven your mind. Antioxidants that boost immunity: Ginger treats indigestion, speeds metabolism. Helps flush out harmful toxins, rehydrates with nourishment. – Green Tea also helps in weight loss, ginger soothes sore muscles after a workout. Mint soothes an upset stomach. Box contains 50 Green Tea bags in pyramid-shaped bags which allow proper space for each tea leaf to unfurl and steel properly. -Prepare these by using 1 TB for 200 ml of hot water, steeped for 2-3 min. Serve without milk, hot or as iced tea.

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