VAHDAM Organic Ginger Mint Green Tea Bags – Antioxidant Rich & Relaxing Detox Tea, 30 g (15 Pyramid Bags x 2 g each) Price

A delicious soothing blend of premium-quality, Himalayan Green Tea with the calming and healing attributes of Ginger and the sprightly freshness of Mint to nourish your body and enliven your mind. Here’s the most refreshing cup of green tea to start your day with. The cup has a medium-bodied pale yellow colour liquor that has clean, refreshing flavours. It has a wonderful aroma with top notes of spicy ginger and lemongrass. The attack is characterized by subtle fresh vegetal notes of Himalayan green tea, followed by the sweet and spicy notes of ginger in the middle. The refreshing note of mint travels from the start to the finish, rounding off the flavours beautifully.

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