Teamonk Global Kumud Oolong Tea – May Help In Weight Management, Easy To Digest, 100 g Price

Ancient Hindu scriptures have always likened the purity of the mind to the Lily flower. And now we know why. The Kumud Oolong Tea, named after the Sanskrit word for Lily, does not just emanate the floral character of the Lily flower but has the purity of a homegrown Darjeeling, that permeates all the way from your tongue to your state of mind. This fine tea is partially oxidised and is processed in a unique manner, with only select tender buds and leaves plucked from select sections of the tea estate. Only these tender buds and leaves are harvested to produce this Oolong. The leaves are handled with gentleness and care to ensure its high quality is maintained. The resultant brew that flows into your cup is sweet with the floral character and purity of the lily flower. Our teas taste best in their natural form, without any milk or sugar.

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