TGL Co. Leaf Tea Infuser Stainless Steel Strainer Filter With Drip Tray, 1 pc Price

Convenient & handy tea strainer crafted in food grade silicon provides the comfort of brewing loose leaf tea without a teapot. Its ergonomic design enables the ease of cleaning and re-steeping. The long handle with a cute leaf at the end and the stainless steel mesh simplifies the process of tea brewing. The infuser comes with a bottom tray to rest the mesh once the tea is steeped ensuring there is no spillage.ξ
TGL Tea Leaf Infuser, Silicone Tea Infuser Handle Stainless Steel Strainer filter Infuser with Drip Tray (Tea Ball Infuser, Tea Strainer Infuser, Tea Maker, Tea Maker Infuser, Loose Leaf Tea Infuser).

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