VAHDAM Digestion Turmeric Superfood Elixirs, 25 g (10 Sachets x 2.5 g each) Price

A powerful solution for your gut health, the Digestion Superfood Elixir combines active superfood Turmeric and the healing prowess of Ginger, with a robust natural probiotic Ganeden BC30 which helps in effectively boosting and improving your digestion. The brew starts on mild, earthy flavours of raw turmeric, accompanied by the refreshing aroma of fresh mint. One experiences the sweet and zesty notes of ginger. The sweet and subtly spiced flavour of fennel offers a smooth finish, balancing the earthy notes of raw Turmeric.

Why Vahdam India?

1. Our Herbal Teas are 100% organic, caffeine-free and non-toxic.

2. Our whole-leaf Teas are non-bitter, more nutritious and better for you and your health.

3. Innovation runs in our äóÖproduct portfolioäó».

4. Ingredients sourced from all over the country which is organic, functional, and 100% real with no preservatives.

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