Bisleri Natural Mountain Water – Vedica, 1 L Bottle Price

Vedica Natural Mountain Water comes to you in all its untouched purity, right from its source. Gushing from an aquifer with intense pressure, the natural mountain water is pushed above the ground surface to a height of 5 meters above ground level, powerfully and consistently. The underground geological origin guarantees that there is no external Contamination since the mouth of the water source is covered by rocks on all sides. Besides, being naturally fortified with silica, the spring is naturally free from any Microbial infection or pollution. Vedica Natural Mountain Water is also low on sodium, making it the perfect choice for the health-conscious. It has a high proportion of sulphates, which work as natural detoxifying agents. And its clear, sweet taste proves that it is free of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate salts, which give some mineral waters a chalky taste. Scientifically put, the Total Dissolved Solids in Vedica Natural Mountain Water is225mg/ltr. It is also high in sulphates, the natural detoxifying agents. Ensuring that all you get with Vedica Natural Mountain Water is the sweet taste of purity.

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