AMAJAIN Coco Power Virgin Coconut oil, 500 ml Price

Unrefined, cold-pressed oil extracted from fresh coconut milk. The cold process method ensures that all the vital nutrients and the natural goodness of fresh coconuts are, However, it is extracted from fresh coconuts without the use of any heat, making it the finest quality of coconut oil with a delicate, mild aroma & taste, and water like clarity. It is a superfood, rich in several essential fatty acids and antioxidants, making it one of the healthiest oils for cooking, frying and baking. Apart from cooking, it can also be consumed in its raw form or added to salads, smoothies or food. VCO is rich in lauric acid, which is found naturally only in mother’s milk apart from Virgin Coconut Oil. This lauric acid helps improve immunity and boosts metabolism. Additionally, Cocopower can also be used externally on hair & skin and is an excellent natural moisturizer and conditioner that nourishes the skin and hair. Being 100% natural and nutritious, the oil is an excellent massage oil for babies as well. retained. A lot of the coconut oils in the market are made from copra or dehydrated coconut meat using heat

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