bb Combo Saffola Active-Pro Weight Watchers Edible Oil 3x1L + Tata Sampann Besan 1kg, Combo (2 Items) Price

Reducing the quantity of oil in food to maintain your weight may be an obvious choice, just like the 64% Indians who do the same. But guess what, it’s not the only choice! Because it’s not only about less oil but also about the right oil. Choose the right oil when you push to manage your weight. Saffola Active blended cooking oil absorbs up to 25% lesser fat as compared to other single seed oils, hence making it the healthy choice of Weight Watchers.
Saffola Active Pro Weight Watchers Edible Cooking Oil brings together the benefits of Losorb Technology & Omega 3, which add back to your health efforts. Saffola Active cooking oil provides the power of Blended Oils which are enriched with an Antioxidant bundle such as Oryzanol and Vitamin E, helps reduce inflammation, cholesterol and body fats.
Tata Sampann Besan is a low oil absorbing besan that lets you indulge in your favourite food. Made from 100% channa dal, this besan absorbs more water to give you more volume of batter.

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