bb Combo Saffola Gold – Pro Healthy Lifestyle Edible Oil 2x5L Jar + BB Popular Sugar 5kg, Combo (2 Items) Price

Are you pushing for a healthy lifestyle even amongst the hustles of the modern days? Today our food habits, stress & activity level affect both our health and heart. But health can also be a part of your life when you find your own way of being healthy. Choose Saffola Gold cooking oil, which partners your journey for a healthy lifestyle so that you have a healthy heart.
Saffola Gold, Pro Healthy Lifestyle Edible Oil, takes care of you and your family by bringing together the benefits of natural Antioxidant, MUFA, PUFA and Vitamins A and D, thus the power of blended cooking oil offers Improved nutritional profile, with Losorb technology which ensures 20% less oil absorption in your food, hence blended oils give you a convenient way of getting the better of two oils in one.
Sugar has been produced in India since ancient times. Various types of sugar are derived from different sources. Table sugar refers to sucrose which is hydrolysed into glucose and fructose in the body. Sugar is found in the tissues of most plants but sucrose is found especially in sugarcane.

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