bb Combo Saffola Tasty-Pro Fitness Conscious Edible Oil 3x1L + BB Royal Cumin Whole 100g, Combo (2 Items) Price

When you do so much to take care of your family’s fitness, is your oil working hard enough for you? Complement your fitness efforts with healthy choices! Saffola Tasty blended cooking oil absorbs up to 17% lesser fat as compared to other single seed oils, hence making it the right choice of the Fitness Conscious.
Saffola Tasty, Pro Fitness Conscious Edible Oil brings together the benefits of Losorb & Multiseed technology, which adds back to your health efforts and gives you the best of two oils in one, thus helping you achieve the intake of all kinds of fatty acids like MUFA & PUFA. Saffola Tasty cooking oil is enriched with Vitamin A, D which are good for the Immune system and bone health.
Jeera is a strong spice and most people use it to add additional taste to their food. It offers a sturdy, exclusive and soothing aroma. However, this spice is well-known not just for its flavour, but also for their health benefits.

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