Coco Soul Virgin Coconut Oil – Cold Pressed, Natural, 500 ml Price

Coco Soul Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil (VCNO) Superfood is 100% pure and natural.

It is specifically prepared from fresh raw coconuts through a meticulous No Heat Process; a cold extraction technology which helps preserve the vital nutrients, rich aroma and flavour of real coconuts, making it fit for raw consumption.

VCNO Superfood is one of the richest plant-based sources of naturally occurring Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs).

These MCTs contribute to 60% of the total fatty acid content and unlike long-chain saturated fats, get rapidly digested for instant energy release.

Its high content of naturally occurring Lauric acid (C12) and Vitamin E allows for an incredible array of health-promoting properties.

It can also help in weight management. The MCTs in VCNO break down into ketones that can support cognition and memory function.

Due to its better oxidative stability, VCNO is a great cooking medium even at high temperatures.

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