Groundnut Oil Price

Are you looking for groundnut oil price list? Here you can find latest groundnut oil price in Bangalore . We have listed current price list of all major groundnut oil brands such as Safal, Ankur, Gulab, Dhara, and more for users to find the best price for groundnut oil in Bangalore.

The price of groundnut oil rose at a faster rate than the average for a similar product in the past year. Groundnut oil price in Bangalore starts at ₹186 per litre. It has been steadily climbing for more than a decade. The groundnut oil prices mentioned here are derived directly from Oil Division of Government of India.

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Groundnut Oil Retail Price in Bangalore

Groundnut Oil NamePrice in India
Kabira groundnut Oil₹2772/litre
Shree Pushpa Baalak Filtered groundnut Oil₹172/litre
Go Earth groundnut Oil₹182/litre
VVR Filtered groundnut Oil₹122/litre
Orgreenic groundnut Oil₹222/litre
Senta’s groundnut Oil₹162/litre
Suyash Ayurveda groundnut Oil₹252/litre
Simav Filtered groundnut Oil₹182/litre
Amirtham wood pressed groundnut Oil₹242/litre
Evaan groundnut Oil₹2420/litre

Groundnut Oil Wholesale Price in Bangalore

CommodityMarket in IndiaWholesale Price
Groundnut OilDelhi₹6,265/quintal
Groundnut OilMumbai₹5,996/quintal
Groundnut OilBangalore₹5,457/quintal
Groundnut OilHyderabad₹6,304/quintal
Groundnut OilChennai₹5,441/quintal
Groundnut OilKolkata₹6,621/quintal
Groundnut OilPunjab₹5,541/quintal
Groundnut OilKolkata₹6,401/quintal
Groundnut OilBihar₹6,551/quintal
Groundnut OilKerala₹5,651/quintal

Groundnut Oil Price List

gulab filtered groundnut oil 5 l product images o490022513 p490022513 0 202205172234

Gulab Filtered Groundnut Oil 5 L

Peanuts of exceptional grade are used in the production of Gulab Groundnut Oil. Due to the lack of further processing, we refer to it as

kk filtered groundnut oil 15 kg product images o491432525 p590370033 0 202203170207

KK Filtered Groundnut Oil 15 kg

Groundnut Oil is good for preparing sweets and savouries. It is used to beautify the flavour and flavor of food. Groundnut Oil is one of

gulab filtered groundnut oil 15 l product images o491439303 p491439303 0 202203170914

Gulab Filtered Groundnut Oil 15 L

Groundnut Oil is good for preparing candies and savouries. It’s far used to beautify the flavor and flavor of food. Groundnut Oil is one of

gulab double filtered groundnut oil 15 kg product images o490794277 p490794277 0 202203151048

Gulab Filtered Groundnut Oil 15 kg

Gulab Filtered Groundnut Oil is ideal for preparing chocolates and savouries and is used to feature the flavour and flavor of meals. Add tablespoons of

40013920 3 mr gold groundnut oil

Mr. Gold Groundnut Oil, 1 L Pouch

Ground nut oil cotains phytosterols, that helps in reducing cholesterol absorption and regulating. Cholesterol levels. It is a rich source of oleic acid and energy.

Groundnut Oil Price in Popular Cities in India