bb Combo Dhara Oil – Mustard (Kachi Ghani) 5 L Can + Get BB Popular Sugar 1 kg, Combo 2 Pcs Price

Dhara Oil – Mustard (Kachi Ghani) 5 L Can
Dhara Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil price depends on the quantity and packaging. It has distinction mustard seed with usage of high techniques.

  • It has the bottom saturated fatty acid amongst all the other edible oils.
  • It gets the real and the proper flavour of the mustard oil.
  • It offers a great source of monounsaturated fatty acid at the side of natural omega three.
  • It makes the flavour of your snack objects and pickles greater appetising and delectable.

BB Popular Sugar 1 kg

Sugar is finished from natural sugar cane, the grains are light cream coloured.

  • It is a stepped forward choice rather than delicate sugar that is natural white in shade.
  • It is a giant deliver of strength and has vital minerals with no harsh chemical compounds or additives.
  • Sugar is sucrose that turns into glucose.
  • Sugar’s glycolic acid may be very supportive in retaining the well being and appearance of your pores and skin.

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