Health 1st Mustard Oil – Cold Pressed, 500 ml Bottle Price

Priceo presents Health 1st pure mustard oil for cooking and healthy eating. Heath 1st mustard oil is an authentic Indian mustard oil that has been infused with the distinct flavour of curry leaves and other Indian herbs. It is widely used in Indian cooking to impart food with a deeply aromatic flavour and make the dish more fragrant. This product contains no trans-fat or preservatives.

Heath’s first ever butters are a whole new class of mustard oils. They have a wonderfully delicate flavour and texture that make them perfect for a variety of dishes. As we all know that mustard is a good source of monounsaturated fatty acids. One of the most balanced fatty acid compositions of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids among oils. Extracted from mustard seeds, it is usually used in cooking in an Indian household. Having umpteen health benefits, the oil is also used to massage people suffering from muscle pain, cold among others.

As a family-owned business, Heath Foods is committed to producing the finest cooking oils, vinegars and seasonings using the finest quality ingredients. Our team of dedicated professionals takes pride in sourcing only the best possible products from around the world. Our commitment to excellence is further highlighted by our extensive product line and extensive research conducted with our sister brands, Danisco and Dannon.

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