Nutty Yogi Mustard Oil – Panchphoran, 500 ml Price

Our flagship, Nutty Yogi Mustard Oil is the world’s first and only mustard oil blend that has been infused into sweetener by food scientists. Our oil adds a golden, nutty flavor to any dish without adding calories or fat, while helping you avoid some of the pitfalls of traditional sauces and gravies.

Nutty Yogi Mustard Oil is made with fresh ingredients and filled with healing Vitamin A, E and D to nourish the skin. Nutty Yogi products help soothe your skin with wholesome oils and butters.

Rich and flavorful, Nutty Yogi Mustard Oil is a perfect addition to your culinary delights. This oil is naturally extracted from organic mustard seed, mustard plants, and organic weasel berries. Best used on meats and vegetables

Nutty Yogi Mustard Oil is a best-selling spice oil that works as an all-purpose seasoning, an essential oil replacement and a condiment. Learn how to use mustard oil in delicious recipes.

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