Refind Scooter Mustard Oil 1kg Price

Refind Scooter Mustard Oil is a signature addition to Refind Scooter, an Original Flavor Blend. Our mustard seed oil is highly regarded for its health benefits and antibacterial capabilities. It also has a strong spicy flavor that’s quite mouth-watering. Refind Scooter Mustard Oil is derived from the finest ground mustard spores, removed from the root of plants, and purified – thus preserving their natural goodness. Only pure essential oils remain as a symbiotic balance between acidity and alkalinity, which makes it perfect for a myriad of uses!

You are surfing subtle Scooter mustard oil 1kg packaging. Established in 1978, Scooter logo is equal to high grade mustard oil in India. Since there is a global extensive preference to apply oil extracted at low temperature which keeps Omega 3, Omega 6, Vitamin E and herbal antioxidants. Scooter refined mustard oil is broadly used for scrumptious cooking, aromatic body rubdown and retaining pickles.

Refind Scooter Mustard Oil will keep you on your toes. Its sweet and fruity scent blends notes of fruit, sandalwood and cedarwood to create a single note that is both influential and adventurous, promising to rejuvenate your senses.

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