Saffola Gold Refined Cooking Oil 5 Litre Jar Price

The new Saffola Gold infused cooking oil may support your family’s cardiovascular health. It aids in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Through its innovative dual seed technology, this vegetable oil combines the health benefits of two different oils—rice bran oil and sunflower oil—into a single product, providing a more nutritious fat source than either oil alone. The anti-oxidants in it are useful for neutralising harmful free radicals.

The Oryzanol in New Saffola Gold contributes to normal cholesterol levels. The LOSORBA technology in the new Saffola Gold cooking oil guarantees that your food will absorb up to 33%* less oil than when you cooked with traditional oils. According to a 2019 randomised, double-blind clinical trial that was authorised by an independent ethics commission, Saffola Gold is a superior choice than other oils for managing cholesterol.

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