Saffola Total Refined Cooking oil | Blended Rice Bran & Safflower oil | Helps Manage Cholesterol, 1 L Pouch Price

When your family’s heart health is your priority, we know that you go the extra mile to make them follow a heart-healthy lifestyle, to keep them away from heart-related signs like cholesterol.

Making the right choices can go a long way in taking care of heart health & an important choice is the oil you use. The right cooking oil can work hard and give you the right benefits.

Saffola Total blended edible oil is clinically tested^ to take care of your heart in not just 1 but 8 ways. It helps manage your cholesterol*. Saffola Total blended edible vegetable oil also has the power of antioxidants that help fight free radicals.

Saffola Total has Oryzanol which helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Saffola Total cooking oil comes with LOSORBâ„¢ technology which ensures that your food absorbs upto 31%** lesser oil.

Choose Saffola Total, an expert solution that helps you take care of your heart! *Human intervention studies conducted in 2015 show Saffola Total works on 8 biomarkers of Heart Health. ^Saffola Total works on 8 biomarkers of heart health, based on published, randomized, double-blind clinical study 2015, as approved by independent ethics committee.

Saffola encourages you to use less oil, exercise regularly and have a balanced lifestyle. **as compared to commonly consumed cooking oils; basis frying studies on potato, 2018.

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