bb Combo bb Royal Kabuli Channa + White Rajma + White Lobia + White Peas (Each 500g), Combo 4 Items Price

BB Royal Kabuli Channa is light brown in colour, starchy to taste and has a creamy, spongy texture. It is high on dietary fibres and essential minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron and molybdenum. Kabuli channa manages weight, keeps heart ailments away, lowers cholesterol, boosts digestion, and has antioxidants. It supplies healthy carbohydrates to diabetics. You can boil, sprout or fry this channa, add it to curries, falafel or make chole and hummus.

BB Royal Rajma White/Chitra is superior in taste and flavour to the ordinary rajma. It is white, soft, loaded with proteins, antioxidants, fibres, but has very little fat and cholesterol. Grown organically, this rajma is chemical-free. It can prevent heart diseases, manage cholesterol, and control sugar. Use rajma to make chillies, consume with rice, or add to salads and soups.

BB Royal Lobia White is a nutritious, tasty and protein-rich legume. It contains fibre, complex carbohydrates, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. White lobia can easily absorb different flavours and must be soaked before cooking. It can keep cholesterol low, promote heart health, prevent diabetes, and lessen the amount of saturated fat. Add it to salads, vegetable curries, stews or make a soup out of it.

BB Royal White Peas/Matar is a small-sized legume packed with proteins, fibres, vitamins and minerals. It has almost zero fat and can lower blood pressure, reduce blood vessel plaques, and control blood sugar. You can make a classic dal with this legume or prepare a yummy chaat with tomatoes, onions and chillies.
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