GoodDiet White Quinoa Grains, 500 g Price

Looking to experiment with your cooking. A healthy, gourmet alternative that’s all the rage now is Quinoa Grains. GoodDiet White Quinoa Grains adds a new & unique flavour to your dishes and cooks as easily as rice. This healthy alternative is rich in protein and calcium, as it contains all nine essential amino acids. Use these grains to make yummy dishes like Pulao and biriyani or just eat it with maa ke hath ka daal. We guarantee you that you’ll never go back. From Quinoa grains to Sunflower seeds, GoodDiet’s brings to you a range of rice and grains that has something for everyone.


A complete protein-rich food that has all nine essential amino acids.

Great source of Calcium.

Rich in fibres and minerals.

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