bb Combo Wagga Wagga Diabetes Care Oil 1L + BB Royal Organic – Red Masoor Dal 500gm, Combo 2 Items Price

This Canola Oil comes from our fields in wagga wagga, Australia, where the air, water and soild are clean and pure. It is made from non gmo canola seeds is chemical – free. As oublished in the journal of the American diabetes association, canola oil helps maintain the bodys insulin level and reduces the chances of diabetes- related problems. With its high mufa and omega 3 content canola oil reduces the glymaemic load of your meal, enabling a gradual release of blood sugar instead of a sudden spike.

Masoor dal is possibly the most generally used Daal in India. It is essentially the split lentil with no skin and is red in color. It is logically available with no skin. As it is split it does not need prior soaking. When cooked, it turns into a flexible golden colored dal. It has one of the maximum percentages of protein.BB Royal Masoor dal is free from synthetic chemicals and pesticides.

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