BB Royal Organic – Sona Masoori Semi Brown Rice, Hand-Pounded, 2×5 kg Multipack Price

Hand pound rice, Semi brown rice whose husk has been removed by using a stone grinder or a stone apparatus like a mortar and pestle. Pounding the rice using hands (hence the name) that helps to separate the rice from the husk. In this process, there is some breakage due to manual pounding and some bran gets removed as well. It is minimally polished (low glycemic index, like brown rice) but still retains most of its nutrients. In short, Hand Pound rice is right in the middle of White rice (fully polished) and Brown rice with white rice (high glycemic index) being the least in the nutritional profile. When the rice soaking/washing in water the bran layer will go off (Because of pounding with hand).
Hand-pounded, Semi brown rice is superior to the fully polished rice in many ways. The bran is retained and because of hand-pounding process, the rice tastes so good. Hand pound rice is high in fibre, proteins and selenium. The glycemic index is low as compared to polished rice, because of which it is quite filling.
Rice may lose colour while washing and soaking due to removal of bran from rice kernel.

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