Super Saver Brown Chana 500 g + Moong Dal 1 kg + Green Moong – Whole 1 kg, Combo 3 Items Price

Super Saver Brown Chana 500 g
Channa brown gram or Bengal gram is a deep brown coloured bean that is like to kabuli channa, but lesser in size with a bland skin and mild-tasting bean. It is high in dietary fiber and is one of the majority protein-rich beans there is. It is generally is utilized in curries and used to create besan flour. It is consumed boiled, fried and sprouted.
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Super Saver Moong Dal 1 kg
Moong dal is one of the most popular lentils eaten across India. Packed with protein, moong dal packs deliver the finest selection of lentils which is evident from the shine on the lentils. The dal sourced directly from farmers is packed in a way that retains the maximum nutrient value.
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Super Saver Green Moong – Whole 1 kg
Whole green moong is procured from reliable and high-quality sources and are extremely beneficial for your health. The moong dal is easy to digest, has a pleasant sugary flavour and feels soft. The beans are best consumed after being sprouted since the sprouts are rich in vitamin C.
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