Safe Harvest Kodo Millet Rice – Pesticide Free, 500 g Price

Safe harvest Kodo Millet Rice is procured from small and marginal farmer producer collectives from South Tamil Nadu. It has been carefully grown to ensure that you get safe food without synthetic pesticides and without using genetically modified seeds. All products of Safe harvest are tested in FSSAI accredited laboratories for the presence of 149 pesticides and a Minimum Residual Level report is obtained. Also, our millet rice is parboiled and unpolished that helps in retaining the essential nutrients. They are easily digestible, highly nutritious, and gluten-free and has a lesser percentage of glucose when compared to rice and thus lowers the risk of diabetes. Kodo millet has 8. 3% protein and 65. 2% carbohydrate when compared to paddy rice that has only 6. 8% protein but 78. 2% carbohydrates. Eating millets is a step towards sustainable cropping practices as millet is not a water-intensive crop like rice or wheat. Kodo millet rice is rich in phytates and thereby helps reduce the risk of cancer. Recommended for making such as Biriyani, Kheer.

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