24 Mantra Organic Red Chilli Powder 100 g+ Turmeric Powder 200 g+ Cumin Seed – Whole 100 g, Combo 3 Items Price

24 Mantra Organic Red Chilli Powder 100 g Pouch

Chillies consist of dried ripe fruits belonging to the family Solanaceae. Dried Red Chilly is used in the whole form or powdered. Red Chilli Powder is spicy and the intense heat is concentrated in the seeds. Red Chilly Powder is the most popular spice ingredient used in India in food preparation. 24 Mantra Organic Red Chilli Powder is made by grinding cleaned whole red chillies and packing.

24 Mantra Organic – Turmeric Powder 200 g Pouch

Organic Turmeric/Haldi powder is an Indian spice that is used for its colour and flavour. The yellow colour of turmeric/haldi is because of its compound curcumin, the yield of which varies from 2-5 per cent. Organic Turmeric/ Haldi extracts contain the three curcuminoid compounds as the main principles in the herb and curcumin is one of them.

24 Mantra Organic Cumin Seed – Whole 100 g Pouch

Whole Organic Cumin/Jeera Seeds come from Cuminum cyminum. A popular culinary spice from ancient times. Jeera has a very aromatic flavour which gives a totally distinct taste to the dishes. The strong aromatic smell is present in it due to the presence of volatile oil which is about 2 to 4 per cent. It is mainly a mixture of cymol or cymene and cuminic aldehyde, or cyminol, which is its chief constituent.

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