bb Combo bb Popular Sona Masoori Raw Rice (10 kg) + Toor Dal 2kg, Combo 2 Items Price

Rice is the staple food for a majority of people in India and across the world. Rice helps provide instant energy to the body and also improves metabolism, prevents ageing and is a great source of vitamin B1. If you include rice in your meal plan then you should try out the BB Popular Sona Masoori Raw Rice. This is less starchy and can be digested very easily. It is popular all over India for its distinct aroma that makes it perfect for making pulav, biriyani, sweet pongal, bisibelabath and other varieties of rice mixes. The BB rice is thoroughly checked for impurities and foreign particles and you can be assured of consuming the best quality rice in its healthiest form.

Rice and toor dal make a perfect combination. Take for instance the BB Popular Toor/Arhar Dal. You can use the BB Popular Sona Masoori Raw Rice and the dal to make a variety of sweet and savory dishes every day. Savory pongal, sweet pongal, khichdis, rice and samhar, rice and rasam, rice and dhal are few popular options. BB toor dal gives you the necessary carbohydrates and proteins for your body to function. It is also a rich source of folic acid, which is necessary for women planning to get pregnant. Rice and dal are often considered comfort food. When aromatic rice and handpicked split pigeon peas or toor dal are combined, the dishes are filling, nutritious and tasty.
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